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risk having published to all the world the somewhat severe ' scoldings' (gronderies—to use Madame du Deffand's term) which, as we know from her, he repeatedly administered to his correspondent for what he considered her indiscretions with regard to their intercourse and somewhat peculiar relations.
Among the letters now printed for the first time is a literary curiosity in the shape of a French letter to the Comtesse de Viry, an Englishwoman, the wife of the Sardinian Minister at Paris—the Miss Speed of Gray's and Walpole's letters. This letter, originally written in English, was translated into French for the benefit of Madame du Deffand by the Kev. Louis Dutens, author of Mtmoires d'un Voyageur gui se repose. This French version was copied into a manuscript book of Lettres Choisies, which was among the papers bequeathed by Madame du Deffand to Horace Walpole *. In a marginal note on the letter in this book, Horace Walpole observes that it was 'certainly written in English.' The English version, so far, has not been traced. Not a few of the letters included in this edition are undated. The majority of these, however, I have been able to place by means of internal evidence. Such as I have not been able to place with certainty are printed (in the alphabetical order of the correspondents) in an Appendix. In the course of my inquiries for Walpole letters I learned that a certain number of unpublished originals were in the possession of the Earl of Ilchester at Holland House. I regret to say that Lord Ilchester was unable to accede to my request for permission to include these letters in the present edition.
1 The whole of these papers were     1842, and are now in possession of aold at the Strawberry Hill sale of     Mr. W. B. Parker-Jervis.